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Eye Askant

Governance and political campaigns from a marketing perspective.










Why Governments Disappoint. 
Despite great disappointments, we never learn. It is a blessing that we never learn. Consent_and_Consensus.html
Perception is Reality.
Facts seldom matter, which is a fact of life in the public relations field. Consent_and_Consensus_2.html
Government's Original Sin.
Administrations are born with Generational Sin, branded corrupt from day one.Consent_and_Consensus_3.html
Ambitious, Ambiguous Obama.
What Obama did with skin color, Clinton didn't with gender.Consent_and_Consensus_4.html
One Loved President.
Getting a president elected is easy, selling government is the difficult part.Consent_and_Consensus_5.html
The Lessons of History.
An adman 'created the best president the Philippines ever had'.Consent_and_Consensus_6.html
The Politician is Disabled.
Unlike consumer brands, the manner by which politicians are publicized is inefficient.Consent_and_Consensus_7.html
The One-eyed Man is King.
Malacañang's press secretaries and advisers all hark from the age when print was king.Consent_and_Consensus_8.html

Prof. Vincent R. Pozon

Chairman, Estima, Inc.

Email: vrpozon@estimacontent.com

Office Address: Republic Glass Bldg., 196 Salcedo St.,Makati Philippines 1229

Corporate website: www.estimacontent.com

Advocacy website: www.universitv.net

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In his 35 years in advertising, Professor Pozon has been been involved, in varying degrees, independently and as an agency man, with political campaigns.

About the Professor

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The Candidate as a Brand: The politician is really very like a product.Candidate_as_brand.html
Sa Bahay na Malaki: The Search for a Leader. The political landscape is feudal, very feudal.Bahay_na_Malaki.html
Villanueva in Retrospection: The Curious Crowds of Bro. Eddie.
The City is a Country: Why a mayor is more equipped to run a country than any senator.Mayor_Binay.html

  1. BulletEd Lapiz on the Villanueva bid: A fellow pastor writes about the BEV campaign.

  1. BulletCreating Consent and Consensus: The thesis behind Hegemony Building.

  1. BulletAdvertising Lessons for Public Servants: Promil or presidential, the goals and methodologies are the same.

Opposition shouldn't just oppose, it should create and promote an alternative and viable ideal state.

2. Perception is reality.Consent_and_Consensus_2.html
8. The one-eyed man is king.Consent_and_Consensus_8.html
6. The Lessons of History.Consent_and_Consensus_6.html
1. Why governments can't win the governed.Consent_and_Consensus.html
4. Ambitious, ambiguous Obama.Consent_and_Consensus_4.html
5. One loved president.Consent_and_Consensus_5.html
7. The politician is disabled/Consent_and_Consensus_7.html
3. Government's Original Sin.Consent_and_Consensus_3.html

That there is disappointment with our governments is something to be happy about: while, with eyes askant, we say that nothing good can be expected from politicians, walang mahihita, and that nothing really changes, our collective hearts have not hardened beyond repair, have not learned not to hope.

Why Governments Disappoint:
Post-election Blues

The Candidate as a Brand: Candidate_as_brand.html
 The political landscape is feudal, very feudal.Bahay_na_Malaki.html
The Curious Crowds of Bro. Eddie.Villanueva_in_Restrospection.html
The City is a Country: Why a mayor is more equipped to run a country than any senator.Mayor_Binay.html